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* Size (Final cut size)
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Leaflet (1 Single leaf i.e 2 pages) / Folder (4 pages) / Booklet (Usually has a cover and Inner pages from 4 to 80 pages normally)
** Pages: In Printing terminology pages refer to numbered sides as in a Book. Hence a 32 page Booklet will have 16 Leaves/Sheets. Please always use the term “pages” and not sheets or leaves.
No of colors  
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* For Cover
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You will supply files in Word Processor format and Pagination, Typography by us
All Artwork will be supplied by you for printing
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** Paper can be Coated or Uncoated
UV Coating
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Before you send any artwork/job to us for printing please check the following:
For Print-ready Pdfs
  1. All images are in CMYK mode with minimum 300 dpi resolution
  2. 4 Color Black is replaced by CMYK Black (K=100)
  3. 3 mm or 0.125 inches bleed for all bleed elements
  4. Document size is set to the final finished size
  5. Files with text or other critical design elements are not placed too closed to the cut or trim margin/edge
For Open files
(CorelDraw, InDesign, Illustrator, Pagemaker)
In Addition to above also please include all fonts & images
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